Helsinki is the commercial, political and cultural capital of Finland and a dynamic hub for international business. As well, Helsinki is a great region for living and working. It is clean, stable and secure, with a very high standard of living and welfare.

Many of Europe’s biggest urban development projects are underway in the Helsinki region. New residential and working areas currently under construction make Helsinki one of the fastest growing metropolises in Europe. According to estimates, there will be 860 000 people living in the city and 1 882 000 in the region by 2050.

As a prime location for innovative companies, Helsinki welcomes organisations of all sizes. The City of Helsinki offers consultation regarding the business conditions of the city to investors and companies that are looking for a new location. The City also provides support for developers and investors looking for real estate projects.

The Most Functional City In The World: Helsinki City Strategy 2017–2021

Video: Pasila – The Heart of New Helsinki

Press release: Helsinki High-Rise Competition finalized

Pasila – The Heart of New Helsinki

Helsinki High-rise Competition

Helsinki New Horizons

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Ms. Anni Sinnemäki
Deputy Mayor, City Planning and Real Estate
City of Helsinki
Tel. +358 50 511 3166
Mr. Mikko Aho
Head of Urban Environment Division
City of Helsinki
Tel. +358 50 350 2265
Mr. Kari Pudas
Urban Development Manager
City of Helsinki
Tel. +358 400 600 623
Minna Maarttola
Development Manager
City of Helsinki
Economic Development
Tel. +358 50 3695078


Espoo is the most intelligent community in the world and one of the most sustainable cities in Europe. Espoo is also the second largest and one the fastest growing cities in Finland. Half of Finnish business lives in Espoo. The growing city offers multiple opportunities for property investments. Keilaniemi, the growing smart hub in Finland, is bursting with residential towers with 37,000 sqm looking for investors, and 13 new metro stations are awaiting commercial and residential properties. As a part of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, Espoo offers endless opportunities for investors and companies. The city makes remarkable investments in the area and infrastructure. For example, the new West Metro zone is the largest infrastructure project in Finland, connecting the metropolitan area together.

  • Number of residents has increased tenfold in sixty years
  • Over 52% of residents over 25 years old hold a university degree
  • 20% of inhabitants are under 15 years old
  • 50% of the Helsinki Stock Exchange turnover comes from the companies based in Espoo
  • Over 500 international companies
  • The highest income level compared to the other major cities in Finland
  • Home of Aalto University
  • One of the most international cities in Finland, with over 120 different languages
  • The safest city in the country
  • The healthiest people in Finland
  • A green city with 95 lakes, 165 islands and 58 km of coastline

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We warmly welcome you and your company to come and be part of our success story!

Kimmo Leivo
Project Director
Technical and Environment Services
Tel. +358 50 340 9723
Marjut Gerkman
Head of Marketing
City of Espoo
Technical and Environment Services
Tel. +358 43 827 3185
Glenn Gassen
Espoo Marketing
Director, Innovation, Growth & Invest In
Tel. +358 45 266 9112


City of Vantaa is the 4th biggest city in Finland with 220 000 inhabitants and the home city of Helsinki Airport. The most competitive cities in the future are built close to busy airports. Airport City Aviapolis, located next to Helsinki Airport, is situated at the junction of international, national and local traffic flows. The area redefines the modern airport city concept with its vibrant businesses, unique residential areas and versatile services that flourish in urban environment.

Great traffic connections have enabled the Aviapolis region to grow. The region has blossomed into the largest and the fastest developing business and employment areas in the Helsinki metropolitan region. Simultaneously, contemporary residential areas are growing rapidly as new homes are built.


Aviapolis – an Airport City for Everyone

Aviapolis Redefines the Modern Airport City Concept (European CEO)

Airport City Aviapolis – On the Move (English)

Airport City Aviapolis – ­In Bewegung (Deutsch)

Mr. Hannu Penttilä
Deputy Mayor, Land Use, Building and Environment
City of Vantaa
Tel. +358 9 839 29710
Mr. José Valanta
Business Development Director
City of Vantaa
Tel. + 358 50 523 1116
Ms Arja Lukin
Project Director of Airport City Aviapolis
City of Vantaa
Tel. + 358 43 8253 621
Mr Antti Kari
Director of Real Estate and Housing
City of Vantaa
Tel. + 358 40 5686 540


Turku City Centre is a manifestation of a European city – the most important location of work, trade and culture in western Finland. According to the Vision 2050 for the City Centre development, Turku has the potential to become the capital of the most beautiful archipelago in the world, whose exceptional nature and developed infrastructure create the prerequisites for comfortable living and a vivid economy and culture.

The central idea of the vision is the expansion of the City Centre core and a supporting traffic system that enables growth. New city terminals of public transport will make the centre hubs more vivid and guide the flow of people to an area wider than before. This allows the commercial core of the centre to expand. New street sections in the core will gradually be shifted towards focus on walking and cycling, at the same time ensuring that the center remains reachable regardless of the means of traffic. These measures are believed for their part to direct development and investments towards the City Centre.

New joint terminal for ship traffic opens up opportunities for development of the Turku port area The goal is to create a unique district near the sea in the passenger harbour where tourism and cargo transports as well as business operations and residential buildings will evolve side by side. The strong passenger and cruise operations in the area will be developed in such a way that the reforms will have a positive effect on the Port and create significant added value for tourism.

The Market Square will become a multipurpose meeting place and a vivid centre of events, with plants and permanent structures increasing its attractiveness. The quarters surrounding the Market Square will form a united network of city malls and new business premises and other spaces are built in the quarters of the centre. The Old Town will turn into a European oasis for encounters and the eastern bank of the River Aura with a view to the evening sun will function as a vivid platform for a new kind of combination of culture, restaurants and work.

Mr. Jyrki Lappi
Land Use Manager
City of Turku
Tel. +358 40 6577 412
Mr. Jouko Turto
City of Turku
Tel. +358 50 5589 536
Mr. Petri Liski
Property Development
City of Turku
Tel. +358 50 5589 504


Are you the smart real-estate developer we are looking for?

Sustainability, energy efficiency, wide range of services from house maintenance to health and security services, the whole ‘living as a service’ thinking and overall better quality of life. Aren’t these what any city is looking to offer their citizens? When we think of buildings and infrastructure not as walls, wires and pipes but as a service then we can call ourselves a Smart City.

In the second biggest city region in Finland, Tampere, building the Smart City starts with treating city development projects as platforms for innovative solutions and new business models. These platforms we offer you topped with ecosystems consisting of other companies, research institutions, universities (of which Tampere has three!) and citizens working together and creating not only better services but new business opportunities for all the companies involved.

In EXPO REAL 2018 we bring you the top development projects in Tampere!

  • Hiedanranta city district is a brown field area aiming to be a smart and sustainable home for 25,000 residents and workplace for 10,000 people. The goal is not zero emission but minus emission. Future renewable energy solutions, smart energy networks, nutrient recycling and biorefining are already being generated in the area.
  • Tampere Travel and Service Centre in the heart of Tampere will be a premium mobility hub with 20 million passers-by per year. It will be the main station for the trains, busses and the smart tramway we are currently building as well as serve as our City Airport.

And these are just the tip of the iceberg! Come talk to us at the Helsinki-Finland stand and we will tell you more about how Tampere is growing smart together.



Virpi Ekholm, M.Sc. (Tech.)
Director, Real Estate and Housing
City of Tampere
Tel. +358 400 205044
Reijo Väliharju
Program Director, Hiedanranta
City of Tampere
Tel. +358 50 388 0901
Aleksi Jäntti
Debuty Mayor
City of Tampere
Tel. +358 40 727 3234


Senate Properties is Finland’s largest and most diverse commercial property owner. Our portfolio encompasses everything from standard office buildings and specialist premises customized to tenants’ specifications, to exclusive high-end properties.

We also manage a significant number of buildings that are important from a cultural, historical and architectural perspective. We develop properties that are no longer being used by government organizations to prepare them for sale on the commercial market.

Senate Properties has several significant planning projects pending around the country. Currently, the biggest project is in Central Pasila where 500,000 square meters of floor area are being planned. This area is co-developed by Senate Properties, the City of Helsinki and the Finnish Transport Agency.

Senate Properties also supplies working environments which support new ways of working, thus helping civil servants work better and focus on their core operations. We look after the Finnish state’s property in a socially responsible manner and our expertise creates value for the whole of society.

Mauri Sahi
Director, Real Estate Development and Sales
Tel. +358 40 037 6303
Elias Rainio
Property Development Manager
Tel. +358 50 439 1337
Otto Virenius
Property Development Manager
Tel. +358 40 718 8028
Marjaana Berger
Sales Manager
Tel. +358 40 768 0993


SRV is a leader in the development of innovative construction projects. We seek to provide the best customer experience as a builder of urban centres and to be the industry’s most inspiring workplace. Genuine cooperation and enthusiasm is visible in every encounter with us.

REDI. High on Life.
REDI rising in Kalasatama, Helsinki, will offer a brand new way to live and shop in the city – close to nature and the sea, yet in the centre of everything. It consists of 8 high-rises and a shopping centre, which will open in 2018.

Deck and arena - the best seats in the city
A new city district above the main rail road in Tampere inner city will offer unique experience for living, leisure and employment. Finland's largest multi-purpose arena, the adjoining hotel, restaurants, business premises, and city’s tallest residential buildings will create a buzzing new meeting place.

Mr. Toni Kankare
Project Development Director
Tel. +358 44 501 0210
Ms. Mia Vuorinen
Director, real estate transactions and financing
Tel. +358 40 770 3339


YIT is the biggest construction company in Finland and a major player in Northern Europe. We develop and build apartments, business premises and entire areas. We are also specialised in demanding infrastructure construction and paving. Together with our customers our 10,000 professionals are creating more functional, more attractive and more sustainable cities and environments. We work in 11 countries: Finland, Russia, Scandinavia, the Baltic States, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland.

TRIPLA – Helsinki’s new active city centre

Central Pasila will be the most significant development area in Helsinki during the next coming decades. Pasila railway station and its surrounding areas will experience a total makeover in the coming years, as YIT sets out to realize its ambitious Tripla concept.

Tripla centre is designed to be comfortable in terms of functionality and landscape featuring modern shopping centre, offices, hotel and apartments. It will be an urban crosspoint for public transportation including trains, trams, busses and in the future, metro. Tripla will be a model for green construction in all regards. Environmental friendliness and energy efficiency have been key starting points in all planning efforts. Central Pasila is going to be the heart of new Helsinki and the new diverse Tripla will be its 24/7 active heart.

Tapio Salo
Senior Vice President
Tel. + 358 50 505 2608
Antti Seppälä
Tel. + 358 44 500 4795
Hedi Grass
Tel. + 358 40 733 8821


The Helsinki Ring of Industry is the best location for asset-seeking investment and it is growing rapidly. It covers the geographical area around the Capital Region.


  • Companies benefit greatly from the internationally significant universities and research facilities in Helsinki.  We have 46 % of the R & D jobs in Finland.
  • Finland ranks 10th in the World Banks Logistics Performance Index.
  • Helsinki Airport, one of the best in the world, is only 30 minutes away ; we have the fastest route between Northern Europe and Asia.
  • The nearby state-of-the-art harbours of Vuosaari, Kilpilahti and Hanko are highly specialized, fast and safe.
  • The motorways E75, E18 and E12 radiate from Helsinki and through the Helsinki Ring of Industry easily, reaching Stockholm, St. Petersburg and Tallinn.
  • We have one of safest data centre locations in the EU; thus the data centres of Google, Microsoft, Equinix, Fujitsu, Hetzner, and Yandex are located in the region.
  • 80 % of the data between Western Europe and Russia flows through Finland, which makes it a network hub between Central European, Russian, and Asian markets.

You are most welcome!
Mr. Antti Kuusela
Director of Cooperation
Helsinki Ring of Industry
Tel. +358 40 318 2818

Business Finland – Accelerate your business expansion in Finland with us!

Every investment decision is based on solid facts and long-term business opportunities. Business Finland is a governmental organization that presents business opportunities and offers guidance for international companies that consider entering the Finnish market. Business Finland’s services are free of charge.

Why Finland?

The Finnish operating environment is stable and predictable. Finland is a member in European Union and is the only Nordic country with Euro currency. Finland has a low corporate tax rate, only 20 %. Therefore, many foreign companies have established operations in Finland for the long-term and enjoy high return on investment.

Opportunities in tourism related real estate

Safe and sustainable business environment creates a strong foundation for travel business. WEF Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report 2017 ranked Finland the safest travel destination in the world. Comparing a total of 136 countries, WEF report focus specifically at sustainable development of the travel and tourism sector. Those looking for green values should definitely head to Finland; the country also earned the highest rank for environmental sustainability.

International travel to Finland is on a strong growth path with an increase in international overnights by +14 % in 2017 and a total of 8,3 million visits.

Finland has earned nomination among the hottest international destinations currently, being nominated for example by Lonely Planet, National Geographic Travel, Financial Times, Harper’s Bazaar, Bloomberg. Finland offers unique nature experiences and urban destinations.

Business Finland at your service!

We are here to help you. Our advisors in Finland, and in your region, are ready to assist you every step of the way during your expansion into Finland. Contact us today!

Hanna Lankinen
Head of Business Development
Business Finland, Invest in Finland
Tel. +358 40 761 5551
Tuija Tommila
Investment Advisor
Business Finland, Visit Finland
Tel. +358 40 0472070