Helsinki is the commercial, political and cultural capital of Finland and a dynamic hub for international business. Finnish infrastructure excels in terms of physical transportation as well as telecommunications. More than a third of Helsinki inhabitants have higher-level education.

Helsinki is also a wonderful region for working, playing, studying and living. It is clean, stable and secure, with a very high standard of living and welfare. According to estimates, there will be 860 000 people living in the city, 1 882 000 in the region by 2050. The new residential and working areas currently under construction make Helsinki one of the fastest growing metropolises in Europe.

As a prime location for innovative companies, Helsinki welcomes organizations of all sizes. The City of Helsinki offers consultation regarding the business conditions of the city to investors and companies that are looking for a new location. The City also provides support for developers and investors looking for real estate projects.
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Ms. Anni Sinnemäki
Deputy Mayor, City Planning and Real Estate
City of Helsinki
Tel. +358 50 511 3166
Mr. Jaakko Stauffer
Head of Real Estate
City of Helsinki
Tel. +358 50 505 3278
Minna Maarttola
Development Manager
City of Helsinki
Economic Development
Tel. +358 50 3695078


Espoo is the most sustainable city in Europe measured by economic, sociocultural and ecological sustainability scores. Espoo is the second largest and one of the fastest growing cities in Finland. As a part of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, Espoo offers endless opportunities for investors and companies, which can benefit from the city’s active investment in the already highly developed infrastructure, including extending the metro network from Helsinki to Espoo.

The West Metro is the largest infrastructure project in Finland, and it connects the metropolitan area together. The new metro line is planned to be open for traffic in Autumn 2017. The key growth and development areas in Finland will be found along this western leg of the metro system – there will be great locations for companies to locate and invest in.
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We warmly welcome you and your company to come and be part of our success story!

Harri Paananen
Head of Economic Development
Mayor’s Office
Tel. +358 43 826 7701
Kimmo Leivo
Project Director
Technical and Environment Services
Tel. +358 50 340 9723
Carl Slätis
Project Director
Technical and Environment Services
Tel. +358 43 824 6506


When you need room to establish or expand your business and to find that perfect home, Vantaa is a natural choice. The only international airport in Finland is at the heart of intensive construction of new business parks and pleasant residential areas. The new Ring Rail Line brings the greater metropolitan area together into an international environment that benefits whole Finland.

Our economic engine is Aviapolis. 90% of all passenger air traffic in Finland passes through this airport city of a new era. In 2020, up to 50,000 people are expected to work in this fastest-growing concentration of small and large businesses in the Helsinki region. Currently Vantaa is home to over 210,000 people, and new housing options are being planned all the time.
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Mr. Hannu Penttilä
Deputy Mayor, Land Use, Building and Environment
City of Vantaa
Tel. +358 9 839 29019
Mr. José Valanta
Business Development Director
City of Vantaa
Tel. + 358 50 523 1116
Ms Arja Lukin
Project Director of Airport City Aviapolis
City of Vantaa
Tel. + 358 43 8253 621
Mr Antti Kari
Director of Real Estate and Housing
City of Vantaa
Tel. + 358 40 5686 540