HELSINKI FINLAND @ MIPIM 2018 Stand P-1.M15, level -1


Tuesday 13th March 2018

Opening Reception

at 15.15

The Helsinki Metropolitan Area is one of the fastest growing regions in Europe. Many of Europe’s biggest urban development projects are underway in Helsinki. Sustainable growth relies on rails connecting new urban areas easily accessible also in other growth centers in Finland.

It’s our great pleasure to welcome you to the HELSINKI FINLAND stand to hear more about several ongoing development and construction projects in Helsinki Metropolitan Area as well as in Tampere and Turku.

The event is organized by the partners of the Helsinki Finland stand.

The Power of Cities - Growing fast, Connecting fast

  • Mr Jan Vapaavuori, Mayor, City of Helsinki

MIPIM Congratulates Helsinki Finland

  • Mr Ronan Vaspart, Director, MIPIM

Venue: Helsinki Finland stand, Palais -1

Airport City Aviapolis - A New Level of Connectivity

at 16.00

The most competitive cities in the future are built close to busy airports. Airport City Aviapolis, located next to Helsinki Airport, is situated at the junction of international, national and local traffic flows. The area redefines the modern airport city concept with its vibrant businesses, unique residential areas and versatile services that flourish in urban environment.

In the future, the connectivity of Aviapolis will reach a whole new level with FinEst Link, a 90 km long railway tunnel connecting Tallinn to Helsinki and with Flight Rail connecting Helsinki to Helsinki Airport and Aviapolis.

City of Vantaa presents an interesting discussion about the importance and possibilities of connectivity.


  • Mr Hannu Penttilä, Deputy Mayor, City of Vantaa

Airport City Aviapolis - Prime Location for Investments

  • Ms Arja Lukin, Project Director, City of Vantaa, Airport City Aviapolis

Tallinn Helsinki Tunnel

  • Mr Kari Ruohonen, Project Director, FinEst Link Project

Comments, based on the experiences on Channel Tunnel in London

  • Mr Nigel Lewis, Senior Technical Adviser, Steer Davies & Gleave (SDG) - Consulting Engineers

Venue: Helsinki Finland stand, Palais -1

Wednesday 14th March 2018

The Finnish Property Breakfast

at 9.30-10.30

Positive outlook attracts both foreign and domestic investors in the Finnish property market

Real estate transaction volume soared in 2017 to a new record level of €10.2bn. During the year, several new foreign investors entered the Finnish property market, accounting for almost 70 % of total volume.The overall economic conditions improved markedly during 2017.

Which sectors attract capital this year? What kind of assets or portfolios is international capital looking for?

Join us for a discussion on the opportunities of the Finnish property markets.

The Finnish Property Breakfast is organized by the City of Helsinki with its partners in collaboration with KTI Finland. Breakfast is served from 9.15 am, the program begins at 9.30 am.


  • Mr Jan Vapaavuori, Mayor, City of Helsinki

Outlook for the Finnish property investment and rental markets

  • Ms Hanna Kaleva, Managing Director, KTI

Opportunities in the Finnish property market

  • Mr Simon Wallace, Head of Research, Alternatives, Europe, Deutsche Asset Management

Finland ranks high on the international investor agenda

  • Mr Christian Hohenthal, Head of Capital Markets, JLL Finland

Due to the limited seating capacity (max 45 persons), please register at KTI ( by Friday, 9th March.
Breakfast is served from 9.15.

Venue: Helsinki Finland stand, Palais -1

Building a Smart City through Infrastructure and Buildings

at 14.30

Smart City is about better quality of life for its citizens. Smart Cities can be built through buildings and infrastructure if we think of them not as walls, wires and pipes but as a service. In the second biggest city region in Finland, Tampere, building the Smart City starts with treating city development projects as platforms for new solutions.

City of Dynamic Development - Grow. Smart. Together.

  • Mr Aleksi Jäntti, Deputy Mayor, City of Tampere

Building the best quality of life

  • Mr Tero Tenhunen, Program Director, Five Star City Centre, City of Tampere

Venue: Helsinki Finland stand, Palais -1

Thursday 15th March 2018

Helsinki Metropolitan Area – a World Class Innovation and Start up Hub

at 11.00–12.00

Helsinki Metropolitan Area is one of the fastest growing regions in Europe. The area benefits from a world-class innovation ecosystem that connects research, startups and tech talents.

Come and find out what is going on in different campuses and what kind of a potential they offer for real estate developers in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, where innovations meet new entrepreneurship and urban development. The campus developers are available for discussions after presentations.

Cities as Engines for Transformation

  • Mr Jan Vapaavuori, Mayor, City of Helsinki

Towards Urban Innovative Campuses

  • The Venture Campus Maria
  • Mr Gunnar Suikki, Project Manager, City of Helsinki, Campus Maria Project
  • Espoo Innovation Garden
  • Ms Jaana Tuomi, CEO, Espoo Marketing
  • Airport City Aviapolis – Smart & Clean
  • Ms Arja Lukin, Project Director, City of Vantaa, Airport City Aviapolis

Venue: Verriere Grand Audi, Palais 1