Helsinki, A Transforming METROPOLIS

You can look all around Europe, and you’d still be hard-pressed to find a metropolis more dynamic than Helsinki. Helsinki is in the middle of a massive transformation that will totally rewrite the script for the city.

Helsinki’s growth relies on strong foundations. It is expanding powerfully in the inner city on land vacated from former industrial and port operations. Many of Europe’s biggest urban development projects are underway in Helsinki. New urbanism and emphasizing accessibility by all means of transportation make Helsinki one of the most progressive cities in terms of land-use and mobility.

Helsinki provides the perfect mix of economic, social and ecological sustainability. Openness of business and administration is a key element in Helsinki - the Metropolis that has a great recipe for quality of life – as well as for business opportunities.

Welcome, tervetuloa, bienvenue!

Anni Sinnemäki
Deputy Mayor
City of Helsinki

@ MIPIM 2017

Thank you for visiting Helsinki– Finland stand during MIPIM 2017. We were very pleased to sense so much interest towards Helsinki metropolitan area and are always at your disposal - do not hesitate to contact us for additional details or inquiries. Looking forward to meeting you in Münich during EXPOREAL 2017.